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Michu Selected Real Wood Cat Tree - Medium - The Ultimate Feline Playground for Aussie Cats


Give your fur baby the ultimate comfort with Michu medium wooden cat tree - the ultra-fuzzy wooden cat tree crafted with premium faux fur, a hand-woven basket, a sturdy scratching post, and a hanging pom-pom ball. This cozy wooden cat tree is perfect for pawrents seeking a chic addition to their living room or bedroom. Our super-soft materials guarantee endless snuggles, making it the perfect loafing spot for your feline friend. Our unique and modern wooden cat trees are made from real branches and treated to last for years. Plus, with every Michu medium wood cat tree purchased, we plant a tree to promote sustainability. We're also proud to donate 5% of all proceeds to animal welfare and environmental conservation organizations.

  • Unlike most cat furniture, this minimalistic Wooden cat tree will enhance the look of your home
  • Easy to clean – features a removable and machine washable basket cushion
  • Made of the most comfortable, premium materials that are guaranteed to last
  • All wear and tear parts can be replaced so it can be used for years to come
  • Supports large cat sizes up to 6.5kg
  • Each piece is handmade, so every piece is unique
  • 1-year warranty on all products


This piece of art contains sustainably sourced real wood that is professionally crafted and naturally treated to last. Each wooden cat tree is one-of-a-kind and may have color and/or shape variances.  *This product is NOT for human use*
Design Cat furniture with solid base to ensure stability, a single real branch connecting the base to a cushioned platform and woven basket. Includes a machine washable cushion, dangling cat toy, and scratching post
Materials Plush, treated real wood, hanging rope
Cat Size Suitable for cat sizes up to 6.5kg
Care The cushion can be machine washed with NO DETERGENT on the coldest setting and then placed in the dryer (check every minute). Once dried, the fibers inside the cushion need to be manually stretched back to its original shape.

For the rest of the tee, wipe with damp cloth, vacuum with brush vacuum and remove stains with a dry foam cleaner. Do not use liquid detergents.

Assemble Size 59cm*46cm*117cm

Weight 18-20kg


Michu Selected Real Wood Cat Tree - Medium - The Ultimate Feline Playground for Aussie Cats