Michu Tofu Cat Litter Gen3 6L- Dust-Free and Natural Clumping Tofu-Based Formula for Easy Cleanup

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Looking for the best tofu cat litter for odour control that's also easy to clean and gentle on your cat's paws? Michu Tofu Cat Litter is your top choice. This all-natural, plant-based cat litter not only minimizes smells but is also a flushable cat litter, ensuring cleanup is a breeze.

Lightweight Absorbent Formula

Michu, the best tofu cat litter, boasts a lightweight formula that can absorb up to four times its dry weight in fluid. This makes it a longer-lasting solution compared to other litters. Just 5.5lb of this flushable cat litter in a tray provides continuous waste absorption for an entire month, reducing the hassle of frequent litter changes.

Michu Tofu Cat Litter is formulated using premium ingredients and advanced technology.

Just 2.5kg of this flushable cat litter in a tray will provide continuous waste absorption for an entire month – say goodbye to the hassle of frequent litter changes!

  • Designed for the sophisticated feline, Michu brings a touch of luxury back to the litter box.
  • Formulated from premium ingredients and using advanced technology, Michu delivers a litter box experience fit for royalty.
  • With quick and easy daily removal of solid waste and clumped deposits, your cat's litter needs are covered for the month.
Fast Absorption and Natural Clumping

Fast Clumping and Easily Scoop-able

  • Michu's natural clumping litter instantly traps liquids, forming sturdy clumps that make cleanup easy without wasting fresh litter.
  • The superior clumping action means soiled litter can be removed effortlessly, leaving the tray ready for your cat to use again.

Unscented and Odour Neutralising

  • Michu offers superior and instant absorption to quickly eliminate odours, providing an unscented environment that respects your cat’s sensitive nose. This ensures a fresh environment for both you and your cat.
Toilet Flushable

Low Tracking Means Low Mess

  • Say goodbye to messy floors with Michu, the best tofu cat litter. Its durable, low-tracking pellets mean your home stays cleaner and fresher.
  • Each individual Michu pellet is durable and tightly compacted to prevent breakdown of the litter and production of dust while it is in use in the tray.
  • Michu packaging has been specifically designed to protect the individual litter pellets until the pack is opened and the litter is added to the tray.
  • With Michu in the tray, your cat will not be gathering dust and litter particles in their paws or fur, to track across your floors!

Petite Paw – Friendly Pellets

  • Michu is tough on waste but gentle on your cat's paws. The pellets are designed to be comfortable and inviting, ensuring Michu is the best tofu cat litter for odor and comfort.

Easy Use and Tidy Storage

  • Say goodbye to messy storage with Michu's tidy and compact packaging.
  • Open a 5.5lb bag, pour the entire pack into the tray, and then recycle the empty bag.
  • The tidy, compact, and attractive design of the Michu packaging means your fresh litter can be easily and conveniently stored on a small shelf in any household cupboard or kitchen pantry.
What Makes Michu Tofu Litter So Good

100% Natural & Biodegradable

  • Choose Michu, the environmentally friendly and flushable cat litter derived from natural peas, safe for your pets and family.
Naturally Biodegradable

Notes and Recommendations:

  • Multiple Cats: If you own multiple cats, you may need additional bags of Michu Tofu Cat Litter each month to maintain the best environment for odour control. Consider integrating our spacious Michu XXL Coral, BoBa & Sage Deluxe Cat Litter Box into your home for added comfort.
  • Multiple Litter Trays: The use of several litter trays will likely increase the amount of Michu cat litter needed. Ensure each tray is adequately filled with Michu Tofu Cat Litter to maintain effective odour control.
  • Larger Litter Tray Size: Opting for larger-sized litter trays means more Michu cat litter is necessary to fill them. For optimal performance, consider using our Michu Premium Mixed Tofu Cat Litter.
  • Higher Toilet Frequency: Cats with higher toilet frequency may lead to increased consumption of Michu cat litter. Replace the litter regularly to keep the area clean and odour-free.
  • Recommended Litter Depth: For best results, maintain a consistent depth of 5cm of Michu cat litter in your trays. This ensures your cat's comfort and maximum odour control. Michu Tofu Cat Litter, being flushable, offers a convenient solution to keep your home fresh and your cats content.
How to Maximize Tofu Cat Litter Performance


  • 100% Healthy & Natural
  • Cluster in 3 Sec
  • No dust
  • Odour Control
  • Easy to clean
  • Flush to toilet
  • Natural Scents

Brand: Michu

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Natural Snow Pea (human grade), natural plant fibre, natural binding agents (NO clay or bentonite)

Weight: 2.5kg/6L per pack

Package Size: 43 x 28 x 7 cm

Disclaimer: Please note that it is normal for a small amount of air to enter our vacuum-sealed cat litter packaging during transportation. Rest assured, this occurrence does not compromise the product's quality, effectiveness, or usability. Our cat litter products are subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Michu Tofu Cat Litter Gen3 6L- Dust-Free and Natural Clumping Tofu-Based Formula for Easy Cleanup