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Michu Happy Tempura/Little Cupcake Silver Vine Stick Interactive Cat Toy


Pawesome Hunting Exercise Interactive Cat Toy for Your Indoor Cat - Keep Them Happy and Healthy!

For indoor cats, playtime is crucial for their mental and physical well-being. Keep your kitten in shape and happy with our Pawesome Hunting Exercise Interactive Cat Toy! Featuring a tasty silvervine stick and a soft, plush cat toy with a playful dangling string, this toy is perfect for engaging your little feline friend in some much-needed hunting exercise. Choose from two fun variations - Cupcake and Tempura - to coax your cat into chasing and pouncing. Plus, the all-natural, plant-based ingredients make it a healthy snack too! Help your cat relieve stress, eliminate bloat, and stay fit even indoors with this purr-fect interactive cat toy and treat combo. Order now and watch your cat enjoy hours of playtime!

Discover a Host of features & Benefits:

  • Attention-grabbing Cat Toy: Colorful plush toy, taunting string, and a healthy silvervine stick makes this cat tease instantly capture your furry friend's attention.
  • HuntingExercise: A perfect way to provide your cat with a daily dose of exercise, and quench its predatory side. 
  • More Potent Alternative to Catnip: Unlike catnip which has a single attractant, nepetalactone, silvervine boasts a dual olfactory attractant which is actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide.
  • Promotes Dental Hygiene: Silvervine sticks are all-natural and safe. Not only do they exude a euphoric effect on your kitten, but they also knock the tartar off their teeth when chewing on one.
  • Stress Busting Cat Toy: Cats can get stressed too. This can range from a change in environment to the arrival of a new cat. To calm them down, some bonding time and a little silvervine can do the trick.

Michu Happy Tempura/Little Cupcake Silver Vine Stick Interactive Cat Toy