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How to choose cat bed?

Cat Toys, every kitty deserves a cozy bed to curl up in. Discover how to choose the perfect bed for your cat's restful retreat.

Types of cat beds

Because cats love to curl up and sleep wherever they can, there are many different kinds of cat beds available on the market. Do not worry about which one is the best – there is no ‘best’ cat bed. Instead, choose one that would suit your cat’s preferences and daily habits. Below are a few options for the types of cat beds you can find.


This type of cat bed is a cushion filled with soft and comfortable down. There are various fillings for this kind of cat bed – such as fleece or high-fibre polyester – but as long as it is plush and comfortable, it does not really matter!


This new style of cat bed is gaining popularity. Cats seem to like curling up with these egg-shaped pods, which are usually made of plastic or hard fabric and lined with something soft and cozy.

Window perches

If your cat’s favourite place is the window and they like to fall asleep in whatever sunlight they can find or you find them dozing in front of the view, then a window perch cat bed is the best cat bed. These cat beds attach as perches on the window and allow your cat to sleep in her favourite spot.

Furniture-style cat beds

These cat beds come in many shapes and sizes. You can buy a chaise cat bed, a tree cat bed, a castle cat bed, a bed-style cat bed – the list goes on. Several cat towers are now fitted with platforms on each level that are comfortable for your cat to snooze on. These beds may be a good choice to pamper your kitty, especially if they like the style!

Pick the right size and type

It may seem obvious, but it’s a mistake that a lot of people make, nonetheless: picking a bed that’s too small. A lot of cats alternate in the way they sleep; they might curl up, or stretch out and make themselves long. In which case, it’s important to find a bed that’s physically large enough to accommodate them.

Measure them if you have to – that way you’re equipped with the information you need and things won’t be too cramped for them. Essentially, they need to be able to stand up and turn around in one, while at the same time being suitably snug.

It’s also important to consider the shape of the bed, as there are a lot of different types to choose from. Wicker baskets and flatbeds are more conventional offerings, but recent years have seen an increased prevalence of ones with enclosed sides. 

Whether it’s ‘condo’-style walk-in beds or donut/hooded/igloo beds that your cars can climb into. Cats are likely to feel more safe and secure in these types of beds. Notice how they immediately make for that cardboard box or hurl themselves straight into the clothes basket? It’s the same basic principle. It’ll feel more like a den than a bed – or probably a bit of both.

But there is all manner of types to choose from. Radiator beds have become popular and your cat will more than likely appreciate the warmth. Or there are window seats – cats love a view and will definitely be your best friend if you provide them with the opportunity of one.

Choose one with the right material

Cats can be particularly susceptible to allergies. Bearing in mind how much time they’ll be spending in their bed, it’s vital you pick one that doesn’t have the effect of aggravating them.

One of the ways to achieve this is to carefully check the kind of material their new bed is made from. Stick to natural fabrics, such as wool or cotton. As well as being comfortable, breathable and resistant to the accumulation of excess moisture, they’re less likely to cause your cat discomfort. In turn, odors and mold are less likely to build up over time.

But that’s not the only thing to consider. Make sure the bed doesn’t come apart easily – cats may well end up chewing or swallowing any loose pieces of fabric attached to the bed, which could cause them problems. If the bed you choose does come with any of these, make sure they aren’t attached when your cat first goes to use it. You will potentially be saving them – and you – a lot of hassle in the long run.

Make sure it’s easy to wash 

Since your cat will be spending a lot of time in it, you’ll ideally need to make sure that it’s easy to maintain. Check to see if it’s machine washable. This will save you a lot of time and hassle, and ensure that your cat can snooze in a clean environment.

As tempting as it can be to choose something that might be more eye-catching for whatever reason, you’ll soon come to regret your decision if you eventually find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of time on maintaining it. 

Positioning the Bed in Your Home

Place the bed where your cat enjoys sleeping. If you want your cat to use a cat bed instead of spending the day lounging on your furniture, then you should place the bed in an area where your cat already likes to sleep. This may prompt your cat to use its own bed.

Locate the bed in a sunny spot. Cats love to be warm so you may want to try situating your cat’s bed in a sunny spot. Try putting the bed in a room that has lots of natural light and windows. 

Make the perch secure. Some cats enjoy being able to see their surroundings. Make sure to place your cat’s bed in a stable location, such as the floor. If you put it on a high perch, such as a windowsill, ensure that the bottom is secured so it will not slip. Placing your cat bed on a high perch is not recommended.

How Often to Clean or Replace a Cat Bed 

Fortunately, cat beds are fairly low maintenance. While beds should be washed if they become soiled, weekly cleaning is not required or even recommended. Cats like familiar-smelling things and will be more drawn to a bed once their scent is on it.

Instead, use a lint roller or vacuum to remove excess fur and toss the bed/bedding in the washing machine every month or so. Even better, keep more than one bed in the home so you can alternate when you wash each one. That allows the cat to always have its scent on one bed.


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