New Kitten Welcome Home Bundle

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Bringing a kitten home? Your new fur baby deserves the best start to life. Get your essentials in our Better Kitten Bundle - which is fully packed with kitten essentials. Inside you'll find everyday essentials that will support your kitten's feeding, toileting, entertaining needs. We've included our best selling products from our product lines - only the best for your new addition.

What things do you need for a new kitten? - Raising a kitten can be an incredibly fun, yet incredible overwhelming experience. It's important to stock up on all your kitten essentials and supplies and have everything your kitten needs ready before they arrive. The Welcome home Bundle will help you tick off your new kitten checklist.

This box represents incredible value with products of a combined recommended retail value of over $306 for only $269.95. Packed with premium quality products, the Welcome home Bundle is sure to keep your little ball of fur happy, healthy, and thriving!

In order to be able to offer premium quality, full-size products, some varieties of items will be chosen at random based on availability at the time of packing. To keep prices low, we are unable to accommodate requests for specific products or colors - let us choose them for you and enjoy the surprise at unboxing time!

  • Michu Natural Clumping Tofu Cat Litter *1
  • Mayitwill Castle 2 in 1 Cat Litter Box with Scoop *1
  • Michu Cat Litter Mat
  • Michu Premium Ceramic Cat Bowl Set for Discerning Owners
  • Mayitwill Little Snow Monster Automatic Cat Toy


  • Michu Cream Round-Head Pet Grooming Brush - Perfect for Gentle Coat Care


Disclaimer: All cat litter box purchases come complete with a complimentary cat litter scoop set. It's important to note that our warranty exclusively covers the cat litter box itself. If you require replacements or additional scoops, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service. We're here to ensure your feline friend's comfort and cleanliness, every step of the way!

New Kitten Welcome Home Bundle