Michu Glow House Cat Scratcher MAX

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Is your feline friend feeling restless with nowhere to hang out? Prevent her from damaging your favorite furniture by building her a small villa she can call her own. Presenting the Little House Cat Scratcher, a modern cat accessory that beautifully blends into your minimalist home aesthetic. Now your cat has a place of its own where it can relieve its urges to scratch, rest comfortably, and enjoy hours of unlimited fun and play.

2-in-1 Durable & Safe Structure

The Little House Cat Scratcher offers your cat not only a cozy space to rest with a closed design that gives her a sense of security, but also a way to relieve her scratching urges. The included scratching board is safe for hours of play as it is made of eco-friendly & high-density corrugated cardboard and Polypropylene that can withstand aggressive scratching.

The MAX version of The Little House Cat Scratcher offers an upgraded space by up to 36% from the Standard version, so your feline friend can enjoy a bigger housing area. With a stronger resistance to pressure, its roofing can bear a maximum weight of 10kg to accommodate larger cats.

Protect your expensive furniture

With The Little House Cat Scratcher, your expensive furniture is can stay safe from unnecessary scratching from your cat. Her energy and attention will be drawn to the scratching board to effectively prevent damage in your lovely home. 

Relieves stress and promote overall health

No cat can resist the temptation of paper! It only takes 1 second to stimulate the wildness and possessiveness of cats!

The Little House Cat Scratcher is designed to satisfy your cat’s scratching urges which can help to relieve stress. With vigorous scratching, your cat will have healthier claws. It also encourages physical activity by providing her a level to climb from where she can jump for endless hours of fun and play.

Low maintenance & Clean space for your cat

Poor hygiene can get your beloved pet sick. The Little House Cat Scratcher stays clean without the need for everyday cleaning! With its closed design, very little dust and dirt can get in. Your cat will love you more for this because nothing beats a clean and comfortable space for rest! With a replaceable scratching board, your cat will never run out of something to scratch!

Beautiful & Minimalist Design

Why settle for ugly-looking cat accessories that stand out in your home in a not-so-good way? The Little House Cat Scratcher features a minimalist design with two options: White Terrazzo and Black Marble. Both variations can easily integrate into every home without being an eye-sore, especially if you have a certain theme going on.

Place it in your cat’s favorite area and let the sunshine through its frosted transparent windows. Easily see what your cat is up to by simply glancing over its windows to see her beautiful face.

Build your feline friend a place of her own in 3 simple steps!

How to assemble:

Step 1: Fold the hut frame.

Step 2: Fix in and tighten the screws.

Step 3: Complete the assembly according to the position of the card slot.

Add this Glow House Cat Scratcher in your chosen design to your cart today!

  • Brand: Michu
  • Name: LittleHouse Cat Scratch Board
  • Color: White Terrazzo, Black Marble
  • Product Weight: >1.3kg
  • Product size: 520*300*425mm (MAX version)

What’s included?

  • 1 Little House Cat Scratcher Hut
  • 1 pc scratching board

Michu Glow House Cat Scratcher MAX