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Why a Cat Tree Makes for a Happy Kitty

600 million cats in the world. With that many cats to entertain, and a lot of them inside homes away from the adventure they seek, it's important for owners to find a way to meet a cat's needs inside their space. 

There is one thing almost all cats need in their homes, and that's a cat tree. 

What's a cat tree, you ask? Well, sometimes it's called a cat tower. It's a structure to allow cats to meet their instinctive nature to climb and scratch. 

It also allows them to view their surroundings, claim their territory, and have some time to themselves. 

A cat tree is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a playground that complements Cat Toys perfectly, contributing to your cat's happiness and well-being. Want to know more about cat trees and why they're beneficial? 

The Primal Reasons Why Cats Need Trees

A few primal needs are met for cats with a tower. It offers exercise, engages their minds, and allows them an explorative and safe space. 

Since cat towers are multi-level, it offers exercise for cats as they jump around. They're also predators that like to watch their prey (oftentimes that’s your feet or hair) from high up, too. 

Many cat trees have built-in toys to mentally stimulate your kitty while they run and prowl about on it. 

Cat trees also provide more confidence for your kitty. Shy kitties feel safer and more confident when they can perch atop a cat tower and view their surroundings. 

How a Tree Benefits Cat Owners

There are many benefits to having a cat tower for cats, but what about their owners? 

Cat trees offer a great solution to claws. 

Cats love to scratch and use their claws to climb, so buying them a cat tower solves both of those needs. Most cats that have access to their own scratch areas will leave your furniture alone, too. 

Saved furniture is always a win! 

Cat trees are also very beneficial to homes with more than one cat. The tower provides more room for them to play and a space for the "top cat" to let the others know they're in charge. 

Cat towers are a great source of entertainment. Who doesn't love watching a cat hang upside down like a monkey while they look around with wild eyes? 

Reasons Cats Love Trees

They're fun and engaging. Cats like climbing, swatting at things, and napping in high spots. A cat tree provides all of that. 

It increases their "territory" and makes them happier overall with more space. 

Trees also provide enrichment and help cats not feel bored. Everyone knows a bored cat is a destructive cat. 

Since cat trees do offer several basic needs, it does help to reduce overall stress in cats. Healthier cats are always a win! 

Read more about Furrytail trees and some reviews from customers to see if your kitty might like one. 

What to do if Your Cat Doesn't Love Their New Cat Tower

We all have or know of a cat that hates everything provided for them. They give you the ‘Grumpy Cat’ look and walk away with their nose in the air. 

So, what should you do for a cat that hates the cat tree you bought them? 

You have a few options. 

There are many ways to meet your cat's needs, and while a cat tower does meet several at once, you can provide those needs from Furrytail without a tower. 

Cat Scratchers

You can purchase a cat scratching post. Scratchers are often much smaller and compact but still allow cats a safe space to scratch and sharpen their claws.

You can buy scratchers that are just a long piece of cardboard with catnip to entice them or scratchers you can build into many designs, such as houses or pirate ships. 

There are lots of options. 

Lots of Toys

By providing an environment filled with toys and mentally stimulating activities, you will meet that need for cats to explore. 

And let's face it, cats will explore everywhere, from the closet to the kitchen counters, anyway. A tree may mitigate that but if they don't like it, there’s always something else to try!  

Unique Benefits of Furrytail Trees

Furrytail trees are made from real wood, which means they'll last a long time and provide your kitty with lots of play and nap time. 

Our cat scratching post trees are also very stylish with pastel colours that blend in with most decor. 

You can still be fashionable while giving your kitty their dream house! 

The selected real wood cat tree offers two-tier baskets and an enclosure at the bottom for kitties to hide away from their annoying servants. 

The small real wood cat tree includes two perches and a swinging toy for cats to enjoy. 

Furrytail's Mission

Furrytail strives to provide innovation to enhance living experiences for both cats and humans. We offer a range of products that are well-designed and attractive, but also very functional. 

Our products range from cat toys to trees to designer litter boxes. If you need something for your lovable fur baby, look no further! 

Is a Cat Tree Right for Your Kitty?

You've read about the benefits to both cats and owners to have a cat tree, so now you must decide if getting one is right for your kitty. 

Is your furry monster active and playful? Do you find them surfing the counters in the kitchen or climbing in your cabinets? 

Then a cat tower might be a good idea. 

You can read more about Furrytail products and their benefits on our blog.