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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Tofu Cat Litter

leftover pulp from the production of tofu can be used to make an easily clumping, odorless cat litter. 

Why Switch to Tofu For Your Cat Litter Box

Sure, it's cool that we've figured out a way to make cat litter out of tofu, but are there any benefits of using it?

Of course there is! Its biodegradable, non-toxic nature provides so many benefits to you as a cat owner. Let's take a look at some of them.

1. Safe for Kittens

You have to be cautious when choosing safe cat litter for a kitten. Kittens are more likely to accidentally ingest bits of litter, and clumping cat litter can cause major upset stomachs in kittens.

Tofu litter is made into larger pebbles which are less likely to be ingested by kittens. After being used, it conveniently clumps together for an easy clean up. This means you don't have to worry about it clumping inside your kitten's stomach!

You can also relax about your own health. When cats kick up litter to bury their droppings, they send dust into the air of your home. Over time, you'll be breathing in that dust which includes toxic materials from your cats' waste. Tofu litter doesn't release dust so you don't have to worry about breathing anything from the litter box into your lungs.

2. Odor-Free

One of the hardest things about being a cat owner can be the smell from the cat litter tray. Even if you clean your cat litter box every day, you may still find that your home has odor from the litter, feces, and urine.

You can try litters with intense perfumes and harmful chemicals, or you can switch to tofu litter. Tofu litter soaks up urine quickly which means it spends less time making contact with the air. The less time with the air, the least amount of odor possible.

Alternatively, Furrytail also offers litter box deodorizers.

3. Cleaner Litter Box Experience

Cats are not very considerate, which is also why we love them; their narcissistically charming personality. 

This usually involves them tracking and kicking out cat litter all over your floor, and you may not have time to sweep every single day. 

Not only does tofu litter clump well which makes it harder for cats to kick it out, but it's also made in special granule sizes. The size of the litter (and the lack of dust particles) make it harder to stick to cats' feet, meaning they can't drag it out of the litter box with them accidentally. 

4. Better For the Environment

When choosing between types of cat litter, you may be considering your environmental impact.

Traditionally, the most common ingredient for cat litter is clay. This is because it clumps together which makes cleaning easier. However, the mining process for clay is detrimental to the earth

What happens after you finish using clay litter? It goes straight to a landfill where it won't break down.

Plant-based cat litter sounds like a better option, however it isn't actually an eco-friendly option in most cases. Many plant-based cat litters claim to be flushable, but flushing cat feces can cause toxoplasma problems.

The most eco-friendly cat litter option is tofu cat litter. Soybean fiber and cornstarch are not only non-toxic, renewable resources that require less manufacturing effort than clay, you can also use it to fertilize the garden or dispose of it with peace of mind knowing it’s made from natural materials. 

  1. Less Frequent Refills

Because tofu litter clumps so easily, the rest of the litter doesn't get dirty quickly. All you need to do is scoop out the mess daily and let the rest of the still fresh litter do its job. You can feel assured that soiled pieces won't break off your clumps and contaminate the rest of the litter. 

This is beneficial to you in two ways. First of all, who doesn't want less work to do? Secondly, you'll end up saving money in the long run if you don't have to constantly empty and refill the litter in your cat's litter box.

The Best Cat Litter Ever

With tofu litter, you can rest assured that you are getting the best litter in your cat litter box. It presents no health hazards, is friendly to the environment, and will leave your home clean and smelling great.

Ready to make the switch? Check out Furrytail’s tofu litter today!